Baby’s First Words

My son, who is now 15.5 months old, has always done things when he’s ready.  On his time.

He was crawling early and was standing unassisted by 7 months.  We thought for sure he’d be walking by 10 months.  He’d stand, hang out, then fall on his bum (and laugh).  He took a step just before his first birthday but he didn’t really start walking until 14 months.

He also wouldn’t sleep on his own for his naps until recently.  We didn’t do anything differently, he just decided that he was ready.  Same goes for sleeping through the night.  Try as we might to force our will on this issue, he did it all when he was ready.

I feel the same goes with talking.

It’s hard to say when his first word was.  He made a lot of sounds that sounded like mom and dad (really more like maamaaama and dededed).  He kind of said water once, but not really.  The dog is ‘daaa’.  I think.

He definitely understands a whole lot more than he can say!  I actually think he understands more than we give him credit for…

And then one day he just started to clearly say ‘dad’.  After that it’s all I heard –  “dad dad dad”.

I’d say, ‘sweetheart, say mom’.


And then one night (when we were trying to get him to sleep through – so I’d hold off responding) I’d hear ‘maam, maaam, maaamaaa’.  How could I possibly ignore that!!??

And when he was sick it was all ‘mom’ (because my heart wasn’t breaking enough!).

My husband tells me he now says ‘mom’ a lot in the day.  Again, heart breaking (I miss him so much while I’m at work).

So get this – this week we got a new word – DUCK!  That’s right, duck.   I was reading him his bedtime story and I pointed to the duck.  He pointed to it and yelled  ‘ADUCKT’. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.  And then my husband was flipping through a book today that had a big picture of a duck and before he even got the chance to say it, my son pointed and yelled ‘ADUCKT’.

I love it so much!

Even though he’s not talking he’s quite communicative.  The babbling is so adorable and he’s so animated!!  He walks around the house pointing and yelling.  Mostly at the dog.

People say once they start they don’t stop (and I’ve witnessed the 3594 questions that come out of a 4 year olds mouth), but I can’t wait for him to start talking!  Though I’m in no rush as I’m loving watching him figure it all out 🙂


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