Where Should My Newborn Sleep?

My first slept with me for the first four months.  We had a bassinet beside the bed, but he would not sleep in there.  The second I put him down he screamed and only stopped (and slept) when he was on my chest.  Once he was asleep I was able to roll him off next to me on the bed where we’d then both doze.

This was great when it was great.  It was very sweet knowing my baby was next to me – and he was a snuggler!  It was super easy to nurse in the night (I barely woke) – especially when we figured out side nursing.  And the the transition to the crib wasn’t so bad (well, the issue was not related to our cosleeping).

It wasn’t great when it wasn’t though.  He was so noisy!!  And moved so much.  And if I moved I woke him up.  By four months we were both pretty miserable and I moved him into his crib.  (Though I ended up bringing him into bed with me around midnight most nights until he was 6 months because, again, I could not put him down).

So this time around I’m wondering what to do about the whole sleep situation.

I want to be prepared to try to get them to sleep on their own.  So I’m thinking one of these options:

  • put them in the crib and I sleep in the nursery for a few months (I want to be nearby) – though I can’t really picture this.  The bedroom they will be in is quite small and I like that in our room we have the en suite.
  • buy a bassinet to put next to my bed –  The one we had was pretty crappy so I’m wondering if we should just splurge on a proper bassinet (I like this one)?  Or a moses basket?  I’m super paranoid of all the padding on a lot of them and I need to be at ease!
  • use our pack n play next to the bed – it has the newborn sleeper thingy (though this was really nice to have downstairs on the main floor)

I know I’m probably overthinking all this and that at the end of the day it might not be up to me.  They might be like my first and choose to only sleep on me. I might even decide that it’s easiest for the both of us in those first few weeks or months to just sleep together. And if that’s the case, I sure don’t want to go spend hundreds of dollars on a bassinet!!

Hmmm what to do, what to do.

Where did your newborn sleep?


2 thoughts on “Where Should My Newborn Sleep?

  1. Valerie says:

    I thought a lot about this for baby #4 and I’ve decided (though she may decide on something else entirely!) to have her in the crib next to my bed. She can sleep anywhere she wants during the day; on me, in the swing or bouncer, on my bed, etc. but at night, I want her in her crib. I was very paranoid with my first and had terrible nightmares that I’d lost her in my blankets so I moved her to her room after a few months. With my second, I co-slept part time (starting out in his bed but staying with me from the first feed of the night, but he ended up being a pretty awful sleeper and I think it was because I did that. My third, I co-slept with full time; he was also a terrible sleeper. Idk if what *I* did was the cause of their inability to sleep well and self-soothe or not, but with our new little one, I want to have her near me but not RIGHT there in bed with me.


    • tendingtobaby says:

      This is exactly how I feel! I had the same nightmares and everything and I just don’t want to go through that again. Best of luck to you with your 4th!


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