Trying Not to Worry

I’ve been a bit worried about this pregnancy.  We conceived a mere two days before I caught that stomach bug, and I’ve been sick with one thing or the other since then.  It’s pretty much been the worst month for my health that I think I have ever experienced.

It’s only been a few weeks since we found out and I guess you can say I’m still processing.  We didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, so I kind of thought I’d have more time to wrap my head around the idea of having a second baby.

Overall I’m very excited.  But I’m cautious to not get too excited.  The last thing I want is to get too far down this road emotionally to have it not work out.

And then yesterday I was bleeding.  Not a lot, but it was very red.

My first thought was, no.  No no no.

And then I thought, whatever happens.  It’s out of my control and I’m just going to rest and take care of myself and hope for the best.

I haven’t bled since, so I think I’m OK, but it’s hard not to think of the sad fact that many pregnancies (especially in the first few weeks) end in miscarriage.

I have a doctors appointment on Friday so I’ll mention it then.  Until then I’m going to try not to worry too much.


2 thoughts on “Trying Not to Worry

  1. You sound like you have mixed feelings about being pregnant. I do want to say congratulations to you and your husband. I can understand miscarriages and how painful they are emotionally. I had a miscarriage at around 6 weeks last December and I was very much heartbroken considering I was not far along at all and I was unsure if I wanted another baby. But then the miscarriage happened and it made me realize, I had begun to feel excitement about a new baby. God gave me strength to get through that experience, but I will forever carry the memory in my heart of the baby we lost. If we have any more, I think I will be okay with that. If we don’t, well I will be okay with that, too. Best of luck with your pregnancy and I will keep you in my prayers.


    • tendingtobaby says:

      Thank you. I’m sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I guess I do have mixed feelings – mostly excited and happy but I just feel like I have a lot going on right now with being so sick, it’s hard to just focus on this. But when I start picturing our family with a little one, my son interacting with his brother or sister I get all weepy. I’m also scared that I’ll have the anxiety that I did first time around – but I really do feel I’m more prepared for it if it does happen.


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