5 Weeks Pregnant

I remember when I was pregnant the first time around I was sitting out on our back deck on a hot day in June.  I reached down to get my drink and grazed my left breast on the arm of my reclining deck chair.  The pain was excruciating.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that was my first early sign of pregnancy.

This time around, no boob soreness. And I’m still nursing my 15 month old so if it was there, I’d notice!

I have noticed a lot of other symptoms though.

Like slight cramping.  A bit of back ache.  Headaches (though that could just be from my forever lingering sinus infection).  I’m more emotional that normal.  Vivid dreams (I had forgotten about the crazy pregnancy dreams!) and I’ve had to pee a lot!  Hmm what else…? Super hero sense of smell – I could smell that my 15 month old had a wet diaper from across the room (fun!).   I’m already quite tired and and some queeziness which I first thought that was due in part to the stomach bug I had two weeks ago.

And today I ate some mint chocolate icecream and felt like I was going to throw up.

First time around I had a few food aversions and cravings, but they didn’t kick in till later on in my pregnancy.  I couldn’t eat icecream, pastries of any sort (just the sight of a cupcake made gag), peanut butter, humus, yogurt, and I craved salads.

I know, I’m so lame.

Luckily I didn’t actually throw up and I’m hoping this is the case this time around.

But you know what they say, every pregnancy is different.


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