My Experience Going with a Midwife

I filled out my intake form for a midwife today. Gotta say, this has made the whole thing feel a little more real.  I have butterflies in my stomach!

I went with midwives for my first birth and it was a no brainer for me to go with them again.  Overall I had a good experience with them, especially when it came to the birth and post natal care.

The Midwife Appointments

  • The office was really nice and comfortable.  There were couches, plants, and lots of pictures of babies.  The waiting room was super nice with a lot of books to choose from.
  • I could borrow books and videos.  I bought a lot of books (I was pretty obsessed with reading everything about pregnancy and birth) but I was happy to be able to read some that I would not have bought (like Orgasmic Birth – btw, not that great)
  • They were very thorough.  I felt comfortable talking with them.
  • All tests were optional and we opted out of a number of tests.   We had open discussions about them.  Two of my midwives co-authored papers about some of the optional tests, so I trusted their advice.  They were unbiased and always said: it’s up to you but here are the facts.  And they gave both sides which I really appreciated.
  • I  met with many of them.  I had one main midwife, but I actually only met with her maybe 5 times.  I met with 6 midwives overall.  Two of them I really didn’t like.  After one appointment I actually left in tears because she kept talking about all the things that could go wrong.  It was horrible.  She said she felt she needed to ‘educate’ me and prepare me.
  • It was obviously a busy practice and some days I had to wait up to 30 minutes for my appointment.  This was not so great.  But once I got in they took their time.  I never felt rushed as I often do at the doctors.

The Birth

  • My birth was pretty quick and when my husband called them they said ‘get to the birth centre now!’ and we actually arrived before our midwife.
  • I gave birth at a birth centre, not a hospital.  It was beautiful and calm and just a wonderful environment.  I’ll do that again (or home birth, we’ll see).
  • We didn’t get our main midwife, but I actually loved the one that showed up.  I had only met her twice, but she was amazing.
  • She was very hands off.  Her initial check was very quick (though I did have a contraction while she checked with was awful) – I was 6 cm.  As soon as she checked me I got into the bath at the birth centre and stayed there for the remainder of my labour and the birth (about 2 hours).  She gave me amazing advice for changing my breathing (way better than my doula!) and when it came time to push I actually caught my own baby.  But I would not do a water birth again.  More about that another time.
  • I felt they were very attentive to both myself and the baby after the birth.
  • I was home two hours after I gave birth.

Post Birth

  • She came to my house for all the checkups.  This was huge!  This is actually the main reason why I want to go with a midwife.  Well, that and I don’t have to go to the hospital.
  • She stayed for about an hour on the days that I was feeling anxious.
  • She called throughout the day (and one time at night) to make sure everything was OK.  He wasn’t peeing right away so that was concerning. And I was encouraged to call her at any time.
  • She gave me a lot of breastfeeding help.  Again, way more helpful than my doula (I won’t hire a doula again).

It was really amazing the kind of relationship we built with the midwives.  Even though we saw so many and didn’t really know the one that ended up being at the birth, I was so grateful to have had her.  I’m hoping we get her again.



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