Am I Pregnant?

I remember a few years ago my sister called me to tell me she thought something was seriously wrong with her.  Like she had pneumonia or something.

Turned out she was just pregnant.

I woke up feeling really off this morning.  Pneumonia-like (minus the crazy cough). A little dizzy and extremely tired.  It made me think that I might be pregnant.  I’m not due to have my period for another 5 ish days so I think I’ll just wait to see – I’d hate to waste a pregnancy test for nothing (those things are expensive!).

When I was pregnant with my son the only symptom I remember at the very beginning was sore breasts.  Wince at the touch kind of sore.

I don’t have that now (thank god because I’m still nursing!), but I could be pregnant.  We are trying after all. It would be pretty great if it happened this quick.  Though I’m not looking forward to the fatigue.  I was crazy tired the first two months.  And then the nausea.  But if I learned anything from my first pregnancy it’s this: eating protein takes the nausea away.  I ate a lot of eggs in my first trimester.

I think we’ll have a girl next.  I had a feeling our son would be a boy, so hey, I’m one for one on that count.  I’d be happy with either.

I once thought I wanted four boys.  Not sure what I was thinking.  Pretty sure two will be it for us!



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