On Losing (too much) Baby Weight

I was in the washroom at work when one of my colleagues commented on my weight.  Which, apparently is a totally normal thing to do.  She also commented on my breasts.  Which is definitely not a normal thing to do.

Oh man, the inappropriate things people do and say when it comes to pregnancy and babies!

She said “you’re so skinny, but your boobs didn’t get bigger.”

So weird.

Anyways, it’s true.   My breasts didn’t get bigger.  Oh they did, but they’re back to their normal, smallish size again.

And I am skinny.

But not as skinny as I was 4 months postpartum.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  Many women struggle with losing the “baby weight”.  I had the opposite problem.  I couldn’t stop dropping weight.  When my baby was four months old I was actually 10 lbs lighter than I was before I got pregnant.

I am 5″9 and was 125 lbs.  I was 135 lbs when I found out I was pregnant and my happy weight is 140.

So some women might read this with longing and curiosity – how did you do it!?

Here’s how:

  1. I wasn’t sleeping.  For weeks I didn’t sleep. Like at all.  And when I did sleep I woke up every two hours – and not always because the baby woke me up.
  2. I lost my appetite.  I was starving at first and could and would eat anything.  And then around the second month when the insomnia really kicked in I just wasn’t hungry.
  3. I walked for, oh about six hours a day.  My son would only sleep in the ergo carrier.  And only if it was moving.  The second I’d sit down he’d wake up screaming.  So I walked all day every day.  It actually felt good because it was an excuse to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.
  4. I was breastfeeding on demand.  As in a lot.  The calories I didn’t burn walking I burned breastfeeding.

I also didn’t gain a lot of weight in my pregnancy. I was incredibly healthy – I ate well and exercised.  My baby was small (6 lbs 2 oz) and so was I.

My weight has levelled out again.  I’m sleeping and eating again.  I still exercise but not to lose weight.  And I’m still breastfeeding my 14 month old, but only once a day.

So yeah, being skinny is not always a good thing.  I think next time someone comments on how skinny I am I’ll just tell them straight out, it’s because I had postpartum depression.  Wouldn’t that be a fun conversation!




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