Baby Only Naps on Me

My son wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me for the first four months.  Even after that he would only sleep in his crib for two or three hours at the start of the night and then I’d bring him to bed with me.

He only napped on me.  For a whole year.

At ten months he consistently slept through the night in his own crib but would not let me put him down for naps.  He only just starting taking naps on his own.  At 14 months.

Most days I enjoyed the baby cuddles – especially in those first few months.  Often I’d nap with him. If I couldn’t sleep I’d just watch him, smell his sweet baby head, and snap pictures.  I spent many hours with him sleeping soundly on my chest while I read Baby Centre, flipped through Facebook or binge watched Netflix.

But some days I was so desperate for some space that I would try and try and try to get him in his crib.  I managed to get him sleeping in there, swaddled, at around 4 months.  That lasted until he grew out of his swaddle.  And even when it did work he didn’t nap for more than 35 minutes (on the nose).

At six months I would spend up to an hour picking up, putting down, picking up, putting down, and the ordeal would make me SO ANGRY.  It wasn’t that he wouldn’t fall asleep.  He just would not let me put him down.

When he was 7 months old I tried to let him cry.  That also made me angry.  I KNOW YOU’RE TIRED GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP kind of angry.  The second I’d pick him up he’d be fast asleep in my arms.  Go to put him down – he screams.  Even before hitting the mattress.

I read every book.  Took every piece of advice.  But my son, even today, won’t do things until he’s ready to do them.

And he just wasn’t ready to sleep on his own.

So I always gave up.  Afterall, he would sleep on me soundly for hours and be such a happy baby upon waking.

Ugh baby naps.

Next time around I’ve said to myself that I will be adamant about getting them to nap in their basinette/crib right from the start.

But it’s not that I didn’t try with my son – because I did  – and that didn’t go so well.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be blessed with a magical sleeper second time around.  Though I’m not counting on it.





8 thoughts on “Baby Only Naps on Me

  1. You are definitely not alone in this! And the research on baby co sleeping is fascinating. When done safely it reduces the risks of SIDS because their body temps and breathing are regulated by sleeping next to their mommies. It is a powerful, natural instinct in our little ones that most of those darn baby books overlook 🙂

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    • cultivatingbaby says:

      I agree! Most of the literature I chose to read actually advocates for co-sleeping, so I didn’t feel bad. I just needed space!!! My need to get him sleeping in his crib was more about me than him. I would still co-sleep at night with my second – probably for at least 6 weeks, but we’ll see 🙂

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      • Totally understandable. I’m only going on week 4 and I love the newborn baby snuggles but I’m already worried about knowing when and how to do a crib transition. I’m going to need that space and balance at some point! (As I sit here wondering if I’ll be able to sneak away for a shower today haha!)

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      • cultivatingbaby says:

        Awww newborn snuggles really are the best. The nice thing about that age is that they will pretty much sleep anywhere. I would transfer my guy to the carseat and bring him into the bathroom while I showered. For some reason he’d let me put him down in there but not his bassinet! Your baby is adorable btw.


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